CHC Awarded NEH Grant & American Academy of Arts & Sciences Support for First Event

What’s Our Mission?

This is Our Model

Diagram of the concept for the Center for Humanities Communication (CHC), showing the CHC's two main branches of development: the Humanities Communication Training Institute (HuComm) and the Humanities Communication Interchange (HuSource).

There are many talented humanities communicators now spread out across a broad range of institutions, social sectors, and jobs. And there are many potential new humanities communicators from diverse ages and groups who will be willing to work or volunteer in humanities communication. Creating a framework for this network of people to work together with shared materials in a sphere of activity recognized publicly and professionally as “humanities communication” is our model, which will be structured around:

Latest Posts on CHC Blog

  • Empowering Humanities Communicators: Introducing the CHC’s Talking Points Toolbox Proposal

    Imagine a platform where you could find all the necessary, relevant, and relatable information about the humanities, ready for you to use and apply to your own communication goals. This is exactly what the Center for Humanities Communication (CHC) aims to provide with its innovative advocacy Talking Points Toolbox. Currently in draft form, the CHC…

  • Call for Posts on the “CHC Associate & Guest Contributors Blog”

    We welcome everyone to submit blog posts of one of the two following types (submit here). The CHC will review posts for excellence in both content (valuable and unique argument, credible sources, clear organization) and form (clarity, tone, style, format, audience awareness). Posts should be examples of good humanities communication that attracts and retains readers…

  • The CHC designs prototype of a Social Media Humanities Communication Internship called “The NextGen Co-Creator Internship”

    With input from 14 Humanities Councils nationwide and from the leaders of the Applied and Public Humanities internship at the University of Arizona, Stephanie Springer and Brittney Crawford, Christine Henseler and Isabell Sluka of the CHC have drafted a “NextGen Co-Creator Internship” program that focuses on training the next generation to communicate the humanities through…

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