Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Humanities Communication is to curate and contribute to an open-license digital clearinghouse of quality humanities advocacy and communication materials, and to mentor “new voices” of humanities communicators able to enter organizations, professions, and media roles that bring the humanities to the public. We believe that a widely sourced and centrally coordinated Center for Humanities Communication can directly and effectively support individuals, groups, and organizations, locally and nationwide, in their work advocating and communicating about the humanities.

Our Model

Concept diagram for Center for Humaniteis Diagram

The Center for Humanities Communication will support and expand communication about, and from the point of view of, the humanities through a model of knowledgeable, skilled, and trained humanities communicators curating and spreading high-impact news, reports, excerpts, interviews, podcasts, social media, and other media formats in a way that parallels the historically successful model of science communication. 

Just as the National Science Foundation’s high-impact Science and Engineering Indicators reports helped inspire the American Academy of Arts & Science’s Humanities Indicators project (started in 2009), so the model of professional and citizen science information-gathering, science writing, and science communication generally can offer the humanities a model to adapt for publicizing the importance of the humanities in society.

There are many talented humanities communicators now spread out across a broad range of institutions, social sectors, and jobs. And there are many potential new humanities communicators from diverse ages and groups who will be willing to work or volunteer in humanities communication. Creating a framework for this network of people to work together with shared materials in a sphere of activity recognized publicly and professionally as “humanities communication” is our model, which will be structured around:

Do You Want to Help?

We are in the initial stages of development, and we seek individuals and organizations willing to work with, partner, or provide seed funding.