Who We Are

Leadership Team

Christine Henseler
Alan Liu

Director of Humanities Communication Training Institute (HumComm) — Christine Henseler

  • [Other developers TBD]

CHC Associates

Associates are members of the CHC who take on a defined role that they propose or that supports a function of the CHC, including helping with specific CHC needs or participating in working groups or initiatives of the CHC. (See more at What Are CHC “Associates”?) (Form to become a CHC Associate)

Kelly Oman (black-and-white photo)

Kelly Oman (Assistant Director of Research Communication, University of Virginia)

  • [Other Associates TBD]

Advisory Board

  • Johanna Drucker (Distinguished Research Professor Emerita, Department of Information Studies, UCLA)
  • Lynn Pasquerella (President, American Association of Colleges and Universities)
  • Robert B. Townsend (Program Director for Humanities, Arts, and Culture for the American Academy of Arts & Sciences)
  • [The CHC Advisory Board is in the process of being formed. Other members TBD.]

Organizational Partners

Grantors & Sponsors

  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences — Co-sponsor of CHC’s “Humanities Communication Convening” in 2024.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities — NEH Chair’s Grant for CHC’s “Humanities Communication Convening” in 2024. (CHC announcement of grant. Grant received by American Association of Colleges & Universities acting as CHC’s fiscal sponsor.)