Humanities Communication Training Institute (HumComm)

At the HumComm Institute we seek to transform public conversations and perceptions about the humanities by professionally training and mentoring participants through a skillful, creative, and experienced network of humanities scholars, students and leaders from diverse fields, ages and groups.

We are currently working to offer:

  • Workshops and Courses
  • Certification Programs
  • Internships
  • Teaching and Learning Modules 
  • Guides and Resources

We are in the initial stages of development, but our ambition is to build a field of Humanities Communication whose training, infrastructure, methods, and eventual impact are inspired by the well-established field of Science Communication (SciComm), with appropriate differences. To that end, we seek to train a new generation of communicators to expand awareness, bridge understanding, and enter organizations, professions, and media roles that bring the humanities to the public.  

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Abstract design

The Scholars Program consists of workshops, modules, and guides to support Humanities scholars (students, faculty, independent scholars, and anyone who defines themselves as such) who wish to share the results of their research to a broad and diverse audience.

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