What Are CHC “Associates”?

  • Appointment as an Associate requires the approval of the CHC leadership team. We welcome all proposals to be an Associate, but cannot necessarily grant everyone Associate status.
  • Associates typically have some expertise to offer or have an interest in learning about and contributing to some area of the CHC’s work.
  • Associateships are voluntary positions with no financial reward. However, Associates and their roles will be recognized on the CHC website (if they consent to be named). 
  • From time to time, CHC will actively recruit Associates for specific tasks or working groups.
  • Associates can participate in the work of the CHC for a duration and at an effort level (e.g., approximate hours per month) and pace (e.g., consistently or only during summers) that they propose.

All CHC Associates are valued members of our CHC team. Our website will acknowledge your status as Associates and your roles and expertise (with your permission in sharing information about you). The CHC is grateful for the support of its Associates.