CHC Bibliography

We’ve started a Bibliography of resources and examples related to communicating the humanities. The Bibliography is an initial collection point and staging ground for planning the kinds of materials the CHC hopes to collect for its “HumSource” Clearinghouse & Archive (see idea for the Clearinghouse).

The base bibliography is currently kept in a Zotero group library, which automatically populates specific Bibliography pages on the CHC website by means of filtering on tags. The tag structure and bibliography menu (essentially a “taxonomy” of classification categories and logic) will gradually evolve and fill out.

The CHC plans to work with digital humanities and librarian groups in the future to develop the Clearinghouse in a linked-data form allowing groups working on communicating the humanities to contribute and draw upon shared resources and examples in a federated way. The goal is to create a common resource following FAIR principles of digital information sharing (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reuseable).






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