Humanities Communication Prompts

This set of prompts was prepared for the CHC session on “How to Communicate Your Humanities Scholarship to the Public” at National Humanities Conference 2023 in Indianapolis by Anke Finger of the Center for Humanities Communication (Professor of German Studies, Media Studies, and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at U. Connecticut).

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Humanities Communication Prompts:
Identifying Object, Audience, Format, and Value

(v. 1.0, Sept. 21, 2023)

Information LiteracyMedia LiteracyHumanities Literacy
How and what does information mean in the humanities?
Process & Products
How and what does (digital) mediation mean for communication in the humanities?
How and what does my work mean for the context of humanities communication?
Context & Value
Objective: DoingObjective: ShowingObjective: Evaluating
What is data/information in my work?What part(s) of my work do I want to communicate?What is the human argument in my humanities work?
Where do I find it?Whom do I want to communicate my work to, one or more audience(s) / group(s)?What are the genres within which I can deliver the human core of my humanities work?
How do I find it?Which media/formats can I use to communicate my work?How does my humanities work matter now, here, and elsewhere?
Which data is important and why?Which media/formats do I have access to?For whom does my humanities work matter and why?
How do I select the data?Which media/formats work best for my humanities communication?How can I reposition / reorient my humanities work to address and get heard by other disciplines and audiences?
What is the process of working with the data?How can I expand towards media convergence for my work?How does my humanities work inform other areas / disciplines/knowledge arenas?
How do I make the data speak to other data/how do I start a dialog within my field?What is the timeline for communicating my work?How does my humanities work inspire new enterprises/initiatives?
How do I create knowledge from this data?Whose help do I need to communicate my work?How can my humanities work inspire other humans/communities/
How do I format knowledge production from this data?For how long should I communicate my work?How does my work make me a better human / team member / entrepreneur?