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The Center for Humanities Communication (CHC) welcomes blog posts from its Associates and from guest contributors in one of the two categories described below.

The CHC will review posts for excellence in both content (valuable and unique argument, credible sources, clear organization) and form (clarity, tone, style, format, audience awareness). Posts should be examples of good humanities communication that attracts and retains readers through excellent blog writing techniques and storytelling skills, and solid, constructive, and thought-provoking ideas.

Submission categories

HumComm Matters: Posts about humanities communication 

We welcome posts focused on or in/directly connected to “humanities communication” as a field or topic — the who, how, why, and other questions that bear on improving and innovating in humanities communication. What is humanities communication? How does it both resemble and differ from scholarship and teaching, science communication, journalism, public relations, or advocacy? Why is “communication” typically categorized as a social science rather than humanities field?

HumComm Sparks: Posts that spark conversation about the humanities

We welcome posts that exemplify new, unique, reimagined, and reframed ways to communicate about, or from the viewpoint of, the humanities and its allied fields — exemplary acts of humanities communication that can suggest best practices for engaging many possible publics in the values and works of the humanities.

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