Humanities Communication Program

The Humanities Communication Program (also known as HumHUB) seeks to transform public conversations and perceptions about the humanities by recruiting and training a skillful, creative, and experienced network of humanities communicators from diverse fields, ages and groups. The program focuses on educating, training, and mentoring communicators to clearly explain humanities scholarship to various publics, to expand what others know about the humanities disciplines and professions, to diversify who is communicating and being represented, and to leverage different media formats to reach wider and more diverse audiences. 

The above use of the word “ages” means that we want to find ways to recruit young people in the student to early-career stages of life to be humanities communicators. But we also want to tap the immense experience, interest, and passion of elder humanities communicators, including retirees. “Groups” means that we want to find ways to recruit humanities communicators from across the wide social range of our nation – including underrepresented, immigrant, first-generation-in-college, and other people – to be humanities communicators.

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